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Protect your investment

Because paying more does not means getting more, LeibICT has developed its strenghts in the direction of building the most cost-effective, reliable and preformant solutions in the market.


We produce stable and proven systems, we never put our clients into risk with non existing products.


The increased processing power of current computers (X86 and Sun) allows using new technologies that LeibICT takes advantage of. The result is less time to development.

So... How can we do it all?


LeibICT concentrates all its efforts on making and testing the products. Our advertising is based on reccomendations.

And yet more....

Aligned with our Vision and Mission, some of our values are:


Our Strategical partner Sangoma enables us with top noch boards for TDM based solutions. Its long time into the TDM field has been proven on our solutions, while giving us not a single failure.

LeibICT SS7 stacks

Leib ICT has developed its own stacks to supply its entire line of products. This affects dramatically our position in the market while giving us the chance to adapt and modify our SS7 stacks at will, with zero delay. Also, our products pricing do not rely on any 3rd party license.


Our ability to produce our own stacks has given results like being one of the first VAS platform provider to sell Sigtran based products. Redundant, dual Gigabit ethernet links are now standard for our USSD, SMS, Camel and LBS solutions

Remote Installations

An easy to deploy architecture gives us the opportunity to install and monitor our platforms remotely, reducing costs and unnecesary interactions with the client.

Quality Assurance

All our developments and task started being wroted down and our procedures are inspired on CMM 1.2 and ISO 9000 good practices. LeibICT enterpise will be certified ISO 9000 as soon as possible.

Long Experience

Our professionals have been more than 10 years developing software solutions. If you call us you will be attended by an engineer that has full knowledge of the whole process.

Open Platforms

Our developments are based on open tools and platforms: Java, Linux, MySQL, Tomcat. we don't use archaic tools today to migrate tomorrow.