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Cell Broadcaster

The success of marketing campaigns is generally due to the acceleration of the purchase decision, provoking consumer’s compulsive behavior.

New technologies are able to do so by targeting around the physical place where the point of sale is located, minimizing the time between the advertising stimuli and the purchase decision.

How it works

The Short Message Service (SMS) is a UMTS/GSM Service that allows the communication between applications and subscribers. UMTS/GSM Networks are based on cells to connect the mobile terminals.

The geographical area where the messages are delivered can be determined by the selection of a set of cells.

Location based marketing campaigns are greatly enhanced by targeting exclusively the subscriber who is physically near the advertiser's point of sale or interest (hot spot). Also Location based alarms and notifications increase the opportunity of catching the target attention.

Product description


• High Target Segmentation
• Reduces Spam
• SMS delivery delay avoided
• Selection from small areas to entire cities


• UMTS/GSM Network Support
• High Performance (+1000
• 128 LSL, 4 HSL/ATM or HDLC Support
• Sigtran Support (100Mbit/1Gbit)
• Ajax based Web Intarface
• Admin and O&M Web Interface
• SNMP v1 and v2 Traps
• Up to 4x redundancy
• Linux and Solaris Support

LeibICT CellBroadcaster is able to send a text or binary message to a list of mobile terminals connected to a single or a set of cells.Cell Broadcaster

The easy-to-use ajax/web interface enables an intuitive and fast selection of the geographical area where the message is going to be delivered.

Multiple selection patterns and options allow fine grained location based marketing campaigns.

While every single SMS is traced, the subscriber location and other info can be stored and re-used for future campaigns.