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Free Sigtran Sniffer Free SIGTRAN Sniffer

With the standarization of Sigtran networks, filtering of signals has become an important task for debugging and troublehshooting.

While some networks enable full write-down of all the traffic using Wireshark/Ethereal, in others its just impossible due to traffic loads of over 100Mbits. Try Sigtran Sniffer today at no cost! (see below).

How it works

LeibICT Free Sigtran Sniffer is a Ethereal/Wireshark based tool that enables high level filtering in TCAP and MAP levels for advanced selection of signals.

The produced file is 100% Wireshark compatible, allowing the usage of the Open Source dissector.

Filtering through operation code is the tool for monitoring products as our Programmable HLR.


Example for filtering Location Update operations:

sigdum -i eth1 -w mydump.pcap -op 2


Example for filtering by a Global Title:

sigdum -i eth1 -w mydump.pcap -gt 50960001098

Try it Now For FREE!

Download here:

Linux 32bits
Linux 64bits


• Linux 32 or 64bits
• libpcap 1.1.1


• Filtering per MAP/CAP operation
• Standard file format
• Wireshark compatible
• Multi-Ethernet sniffing (*)
• Hihg level MAP/CAP parameter filtering (*)

(*) on the non-free version