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Intelligent Broadcaster Intelligent Broadcaster

Focus on subscribers' preferences by selected targeting using their feedback.

How it works

LeibICT Intelligent Broadcaster is the next generation tool for SMS Broadcasting and Interactive Campaigns. Built-in web-based Service Creation Environment and Data Mining tools provide the marketing department with the most complete feature-set for creating high targeted segmentations, profiling subscribers after each campaign.

High speed SIGTRAN links enable more than 2 million SMS per hour, allowing very large databases to be reached in short time.

The solution, based on the proven and successful SMS Broadcaster and Cell Broadcaster, encloses a large database with exhaustive information about SMS delivery results, including location and responses, with an incredible fast data mining interface, allowing any kind of filtering and reordering of subscribers’ data, profiling them individually for better control of distribution lists.

- How many subscribers replied within the last 4 hours?
- Where were these messages delivered?
- Who replied to the last 10 interactive campaigns?

This kind of questions may have a solid answer now.


• High Target Segmentation
• Subscriber profiling
• Spam minimizing
• Data Mining
• Built-in SCE
• SMS delivery delay avoided
• Reduces SMSC loading from broadcast traffic
• Fast and easy deployment and maintenance


• UMTS/GSM Network Support
• High Performance (+600 SMS/sec)
• SIGTRAN Support
• 128 LSL, 4 HSL/ATM or HDLC
• O&M Ajax Web Interface
• SNMP v1 and v2 Traps
• Redundancy
• Linux and Solaris Support

Intelligent Broadcaster