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The growth of Value Added Services offered by Operators to Subscribers generates an exponential increase on applications and connections inside of the Operator network.

The only way to create more advanced and diversified services without losing control of the networks is to integrate multiple services into simpler solutions.

The LeibICT Integrated Value Added Services (iVas) Gateway represents a new concept of integration on USSD, LBS and SMS services into a single, high performance module.

Product description


• Reduces operational costs
• Reduces complexity of the network
• Multiple applications
• Scalable architecture
• Reduces SMSC loading of SMS traffic
• Fast and Easy deployment and maintenance


• UMTS/GSM Network Support
• High Performance
• 128 LSL, 4 HSL/ATM or HDLC
• Sigtran Support
• O&M Ajax Web Interface
• SNMP v1 and v2 Traps
• Redundancy
• Linux Support

The LeibICT iVas Gateway is a carrier-grade system that integrates multiple USSD, LBS (Location Based Services) and SMS applications, reducing at the same time the cost of multiple information systems maintenance.

The standard Java and C/C++ APIs, SMPP and XML ports, reduces the time of development and lets you concentrate on the service itself, not on the protocols.

Its SMPP version 3.4 and 5.0 compatible interface allows an effortless and progressive migration of traffic.

All the connections for USSD, SMS and LBS are validated by the source IP, port and traffic characteristics, securing the UMTS/GSM network.