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Location Database Location Database

As more services are offered to the subscribers, the increasing need to segment audiences pulls advertising campaigns to be more accurate and sophisticated. LeibICT Location-Database is a tool that can make the difference.

LeibICT Location-Database is a multi-service platform capable of offering multiple queries about how users are moving on the Network without loading the existing network infrastructure.

Location Information

The location of each subscriber is stored on the private database, allowing not only to locate subscriber, but to enable location-change triggers.

Also listings of subscribers per cell, or cell groups, are not a barrier for High End applications like CellBroadcaster 2.0.

Location Change Based Services


• Avoid HLR load with ATI and SRI queries for SMS-MT
• More advanced queries available for next generation LBSs
• Location Change Triggers for Location Change Based Services


• High-Performance,
• 1000+ queries x second
• Multi-Protocol
• Open Database connectivity
• 2G and 3G compatible.
• Scalable, Redundant
• Linux and Solaris (x86 and sparc) support

LeibICT Location-Database creates a new concept by making services triggered by the change of the subscriber's location.

This makes a subscriber capable of receiving specific marketing information while travelling through cities or neighborhoods.

How It Works

LeibICT Location-Database is based on the SigMon Platform. Sigtran probes are located in the BSS network, sniffing BSSAP and RANAP protocols.

Each transaction is traced into the server memory, and location information is periodically downloaded to the internal database.

Most queries are handled in memory allowing a lighting fast reply. Queries including current location, tracking information, subscribers on a cell or cell list are easily resolved.

Location Database