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LeibICT-P-HLRProgrammable HLR/HSS

The emerging MVNO industry is evolving from simple resellers to complex networks interconnected with multiple local MNO and roaming agreements.

As MVNOs continue to grow, the need for a new, flexible and compliant next generation HLR/HSS is key to face the challenges of dynamic subscriber management.

Today, the complexity and volatility of subscriber profiles must be handled in a programmable and event driven approach.

How it works

LeibICT Programmable HLR/HSS, based on Sigtran technology, is a unique carrier-grade, high-availability, non-stop system that enables subscriber management by external applications switching points.

As availability, speed and responsiveness are top requirements, LeibICT developed the Programmable HLR/HSS on a highly distributable architecture, enabling unprecedented scalability and performance, but still seen as a single point in the network.

LeibICT Programmable HLR/HSS API enables external applications to add, delete or modify subscribers and profiles, reflecting those changes on the configuration instantly.

Default handling of subscribers through internal processing is available based on profile selection.

Its simple, user friendly but powerful HTTP interface provides an event for each SS7/Sigtran signal, enabling a fine trace for external applications: default handling, rejection or modification of response are easily encoded in text format.

Diameter 3GPP s6 and s6a interface are implemented in a separated stack for optimal performance.

Tags: HLR/HSS MVNO, HLR/HSS for mvnos.


• Full IP architecture
• Reduces operational costs
• Reduces complexity of the network
• Multiple applications/event driven
• Reliability/Redundancy
• Scalable architecture
• Runs on industry standard 3GPP architecture


• Multi-IMSI
• Multi-MNO
• Milenage, Comp1, Comp2, Comp3
• 3GPP 29.002
• Sigtran link
• Dynamic Routing
• High Performance
• Full Programmable
• O&M Ajax Web Interface
• Linux and Solaris Support


LeibICT_Programmable HLR/HSS