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LeibICT SigMon SigMon

LeibICT SigMon Platform is the most advanced set of stacks provided by any vendor of Telecom Software Industry.

How it works

LeibICT SigMon Platform uses specific Linux and Solaris (x86 and Sparc) kernel sniffing functions and is based on an advanced multithreading / multiprocess infrastructure that enables the use of over 10 CPU cores at the same time for extremely high traffic loads without packet drops.

Multiple services are loaded into de platform providing independence of applications within the same signalling targets.

Capable of decoding over 200,000 packets per second for the protocols IP, SCTP, M2UA, MTP3, M3UA, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, CAP, BSSAP, RANAP, BSSMAP and DTAP at the same time and more: it is based on the LeibICT XML signalling framework, allowing the development from middleware to high end applications within a very short time to market.


Most of the benefits of LeibICT SigMon Platform are encapsulated into more complete applications like SigMonCellBroadcaster 2.0, LBS Database, VAS Monitoring, Welcome Roamers, Missed Call Alert, Uptime Database and IMEI Database; also further applications could be developed through HTTP queries. The following queries are examples:


• with Nokia phones outside the capital city
• with Blackberries that have not made calls in the last week
• with Sony Ericsson that have not changed their location in 2 days
• in the border with uptime <10%
• that have uptime >90% but do not use their mobile
• that change location after 8am
• that receive SMSs but don’t send them
• that initiate calls but don’t receive them
• with uptime on the last month, but not on the last week.

... any of them combined, with a response in ms, not days, nor weeks.
No need for a CDR based report, just real time information!