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Sigtran Firewall Leib ICTSIGTRAN Firewall

LeibICT Sigtran Firewall is a high performance, extremely flexible message handler that acts as a man-in-the-middle agent in the Roaming links of the Operator.

It allows filtering and abolishing any external threat.

How it works

LeibICT Sigtran Firewall is a new product that keeps your network security in a high level.

It works like a wall around a castle, where it can be decided who is allowed to enter, and who not.

When a MAP/CAP operation is being sent by the international network, LeibICT Sigtran Firewall sends an HTTP call to an external application, and if this application replies a "Discard" result, the Sigtran Firewall will discard the MAP/CAP operation, keeping the home network safe.

Also, LeibICT Sigtran Firewall is configurable, so it can filter any operation without need of any external application.

Filters can also be configured by origin, destiny, operation, protocol and more.


• Incoming traffic control
• Keep the network in a safe state
• Scalability
• Filters flexibility management


• Supports up to 5000 TPS in full internal logic mode.
• External logic capacity will be limited by the external applications
• The modular architecture allows increasing system capacity
• Based on standard x86 Servers from HP or Sun
• System can be either Linux (RedHat or CentOS)
• Typical HP/RedHat Solution is based on DL 380 with Intel Core 2 Quad and 8Gb of RAM


Sigtran Firewall LeibICT


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