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LeibICT SMPP-MT-Gateway reduces operational costs and increases the speed and delivery of services normally provided through the SMSC like OTA, VoiceMail SMS notifications, Web2SMS, SMSBroadcast and other VAS applications.

How it works


• More SMS MT Traffic
• Reliability/Redundancy
• Security of MT Traffic
• SMS delivery delay avoided
• Increased ARPU by offering
more SMPP connections
• Reduces SMSC loading freeing
up resources
• Fast an easy deploy and
• SMSC forward for failed


• UMTS/GSM Network Support
• High Performance
(+1000 sms/sec)
• 128 LSL, 4 HSL/ATM or HDLC
• Sigtran Support
• Up to 64 SMPP connections
• O&M Web Interface
• SNMP v1 and v2 Traps
• Up to 4x redundancy
• Linux and Solaris Support

LeibICT SMPP-MT-Gateway is a protocol converter that allows a high speed mobile terminated traffic to be successfully delivered without using SMSC resources. It acts as a gateway between multiple SMPP entities (ESMEs) and the UMTS/GSM network.

Its SMPP version v3.4 and v5.0 compatible interface permits an effortless and progressive migration of traffic from the SMSC to the Gateway. All the connections and their traffic are validated by the source IP, port and specific type of traffic like binary, text to secure the UMTS/GSM network.

The Short Message Service (SMS) is a UMTS/GSM Service that allows interactive communication between subscribers and application across a UMTS/GSM network.

The Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol (SMPP) is a telecommunications industry protocol for exchanging SMS messages between SMS peer entities over a TCP/IP network.