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USSD Gateway - Download UDK (USSD Developer Kit) 1.2

The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) allows cost-effective, interactive communication between subscribers and applications across a UMTS/GSM network. Its functionalities make it ideal for information queries like available balance, content downloading and any information services.

How it works


• Reduces operational costs
• Instant information response
to users
• Multiple applications connected to the same GW
• Reliability/Redundancy
• AES/RSA Security
• Reduces SMSC loading of interactive applications freeing up resources
• Fast an easy deployment and maintenance


• UMTS/GSM Network Support
• High Performance
(+500 transactions/sec)
• 128 LSL, 4 HSL/ATM or HDLC
• Sigtran Support
• Up to 1024 USSD applications
(short codes)
• O&M Web Interface
• SNMP v1 and v2 Traps
• Up to 4x redundancy
• Linux and Solaris Support

The LeibICT USSD Gateway is a carrier-grade system to integrate with many USSD applications and at the same time minimizes cost and maintenance of multiple information systems. Its HTTP, XML/TCP/IP and provided Java and C++ client libraries reduce the time of development and lets you concentrate on the service itself, not on the protocols.

The AES-256bit/RSA-4096bit channel encryption, a unique feature, makes the USSD Gateways secure and ideal for banking and billing applications.

USSD is primary used on real-time and instant messaging type phone services because there is no store-and-forward of messages typical of the short message services (SMS). The response time for a USSD request is measured between 100 and 200ms compared to the 5-10 seconds of SMS.



Download UDK (USSD Developer Kit) 1.2