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USSD Gateway - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the licence cost of the USSD GW?
The software licence price of the Sigtran or E1 USSD Gateway is US$ 8,000.

Is traffic load limited?
No, traffic load is unlimited.

Are shortcodes limited?
No, shortcodes used are unlimited.

Are TDM E1s used limited?
No, there is no licence restrictions on E1s, Links nor Routes.

Are Sigtran EndPoints limited?
No, there is no licence restrictions on Sigtran EndPoints nor Associations.

What is the limit on a E1s based solution?
About 40 new USSD transactions per second per 64kbps link, but depends on final configurations, text size and interaction count.

Does the licence include any hardware?
No, the licence is only for the software licence.

What is the cost of the support?
The support is included for the first 12 months. After the first 12 months the support price is US$ 800 per year.

Which are the APIs supported by the GW?
XML/TCP/IP, XML/HTTP, Java JNI, C++, plain HTTP.

Which the performance limit of the USSD GW software?
Tested on a modern server, it achieved 8,700 transactions per second.

Has the Sigtran and E1 versions the same APIs, features and performance?
Yes, but real world performance will be limited by the GSM network resources.

Does the USSD GW support MO and MT transactions?

Which is the OS support list?

Linux 32bits, Linux 64bits, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc.

If I need to use E1s, which are the supported E1 boards?

Sangoma A10x PCI Express.

Other question?
Please ask.