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Free Sigtran Sniffer SIGTRAN Sniffer (Free) cell broadcaster 2.0
LeibICT Sigtran Sniffer is a Ethereal/Wireshark based tool that enables high level filtering in TCAP and MAP levels for advanced selection of signals. Try it for Free!
Sigtran Firewall Leib ICT SIGTRAN Firewall cell broadcaster 2.0
Configurable, high performance message handler for network security.
Leib-P-HLR Programmable HLR/HSS
LeibICT Programmable HLR, based on Sigtran technology, is a unique carrier-grade, high-availability, non-stop system that enables subscriber management by external applications switching points.
Programmable EIR Programmable EIR
The LeibICT Programmable EIR, based on Sigtran stack, is able to setup triggers to multiple applications per event to notify status changes and alarms, acting as a medullar entity in the GSM network to minimize the risk of fraud.
LeibICT SigMon SigMon
LeibICT SigMon Platform is the most advanced set of stacks provided by any vendor of Telecom Software Industry..