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Location Based Services (LBS)

While mobile devices move through the mobile network they keep that information updated on some of the network components. Access to that information enables typical information and entertainment services to be enhanced with the gegraphical position of the mobile device.

Mobile messaging protocols like USSD and SMS are combined with the location information for creating various LBS applications such as location-based mobile advertising.

Phones without GPS features can be located with the closest cell-phone tower, giving a block, neighborhood, city, country location granularity.

LeibICT SigMon SigMon
LeibICT SigMon Platform is the most advanced set of stacks provided by any vendor of Telecom Software Industry.
LeibICT CellBroadcaster 2.0 Cell Broadcaster v2.0
As technology goes further, more and more requirements forced the product to evolve into the next generation: Cell Broadcaster v2.0.
Location Database Location Database
The increasing need to segment audiences pulls advertising campaigns to be more accurate and sophisticated. LeibICT Location-Database can make the difference.
The LeibICT Integrated Value Added Services (iVas) Gateway represents a new concept of integration on USSD, LBS and SMS services into a single, high performance module, without losing control of the networks.
SubscriberInfo-GW Subscriber Information Gateway
LeibICT Subscriber Information Gateway enables any external application to access subscriber’s location, status and IMEI on real time based on HTTP and XML interfaces.
.Personal Tracker Personal Tracker
A Camel 1, 2, 3 and 4 enable system capable of tracking the location of a mobile station in real time and produce real time reports and map based historical moves.
Cell Broadcaster Cell Broadcaster
These technologies are able to accelerate consumer's purchase decision by targeting around the physical place where the point of sale is located.