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LeibICT Cell Broadcasterv2.0 Cell Broadcaster 2.0

Cell Broadcaster 2.0

LeibICT CellBroadcaster created a leap on how Outgoing SMS Campaigns could be accomplished by controlling the distribution areas.

As technology goes further, new requirements forced the product to evolve into the next generation: Cell Broadcaster v2.0.


How it works

Cell Broadcaster 2.0LeibICT Cell Broadcaster 2.0 is able to send text, flash and wappush messages to any subscriber connected to any set of cells or when they change their location.

Maintaining the same Ajax/Web GUI, it creates a transparent migration to the users of the system. Distribution lists are now optional, since the SigMon Platform is capable of providing the subscriber list attached to the distribution area.

While the original CellBroadcaster was highly dependent on the GSM network infrastructure capacity, this version takes a step further thanks to the LeibICT SigMon Platform, completely avoiding the queries to the HLR.

That means, no more ‘AnyTimeInterrogation’ or ‘SendRoutingInfo’ is sent to the HLR, doubling its real world performance. A contundent answer for the everyday HLR congestion problems.


• Avoid HLR load
• Same interface as Cell Broadcaster v1.0
• No need for subscriber lists for broadcasts


• High Performance (+2000 sms/sec)
• Sigtran Support (100Mb/1Gbit)
• Ajax based Web Interface
• SNMP v1 and v2 Traps
• CellBroadcaster v1.0 fall back
• Linux and Solaris (x86 and sparc) support

Cell Broadcaster