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Short Message Service (SMS)

Short Message Service (SMS) is a popular communications protocol allowing mobile-to-mobile text messages interchange at low cost, though the standard supports other types of broadcast messaging.

While SMS is most commonly used for text messaging between individuals, it has many other uses such as weather forecasts, news, sports updates, notifications, and many other subscription-based services.

Text messages sent via SMS do not require the recipient's phone to be in order. The SMS Center will store the message until the phone is activated or within range, then it delivers the message to the destination mobile device.

Examples of applications using SMS:

LeibICT Email 2 SMS Email2SMS cell broadcaster 2.0
LeibICT Email 2 SMS allows subscribers to receive emails on their mobile devices, in a text message format.
LeibICT SigMon SigMon
LeibICT SigMon Platform is the most advanced set of stacks provided by any vendor of Telecom Software Industry.
LeibICT CellBroadcaster 2.0 Cell Broadcaster v2.0
As technology goes further, more and more requirements forced the product to evolve into the next generation: Cell Broadcaster v2.0.
Location Database Location Database
The increasing need to segment audiences pulls advertising campaigns to be more accurate and sophisticated. LeibICT Location-Database can make the difference.
Intelligent Broadcaster Intelligent Broadcaster
Focus on subscribers' preferences by selected targetting using their feedback.
The LeibICT Integrated Value Added Services (iVas) Gateway represents a new concept of integration on USSD, LBS and SMS services into a single, high performance module, without losing control of the networks.
smpp-mt SMPP-MT
LeibICT SMPP-MT-Gateway reduces operational costs and increases the speed and delivery of services normally provided through the SMSC like OTA, VoiceMail SMS notifications, Web2SMS, SMSBroadcast and other VAS applications.
SMPP Center SMPP-Center
A full Store & Forward SMS router capable of hosting multiple SMSC and Applications connections. Also extensible to other SMS Interfaces, it creates a hub of messages in an efficient and high performance way.
SMS Broadcaster SMS Broadcaster
This powerful tool enables to deliver bulk messages to be used on marketing campaigns.
Cell Broadcaster Cell Broadcaster
These technologies are able to accelerate consumer's purchase decision by targeting around the physical place where the point of sale is located.


Comparison Table

Feature / Product

Corporate Broadcaster

SMS Broadcaster

Cell Broadcaster SMPP-MT Gateway SMPP Center
Integrated SS7 Module
Integrated Store & Forward
WapPush & Flash SMS
External Corporate Interface
Location Based Service
Subscriber Delivery Lists
External Application Connectivity
High Performance(500 MT+)
SMSC Connectivity for external Store & Forward