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USSD Developer Kit - Download UDK (USSD Developer Kit) 1.3

LeibICT UDK (USSD Developer Kit) is the first comprehensive kit for documentation, samples and simulators that enables any Java or C++ programmer -either on Linux (32 and 64bit variants) or Windows- to develop a USSD Service within minutes.

The kit includes LeibICT Phone Simulator, a revolutionary tool based on the LeibICT USSD GW Simulator, that enables the developers to test their application within a 'phone skin', very useful for presentations too!.

The Simulators are applications for near-to-live testing of your USSD services without need of access to a real UMTS/GSM network and they behave as a real HLR with MAP interface, so that your services can send and receive messages, however nothing will get delivered anywhere as all the responses are only made-up by the Simulator. The Simulators also support multiple simultaneous USSD transactions.

Switching from the Phone Simulator or the USSD GW Simluator to our USSD S-Gateway links is an effortless task, making time to market even shorter.

USSD Developer Kit

Package Content

USSD Java JNI API User Guide
USSD C++ API User Guide
USSD XML/TCP/IP Protocol User Guide

USSD C++ Application Sample code
USSD Java Application Sample code

USSD Gateway Simulator, capable of multiple sessions in parallel
Phone Skined USSD GW Simulator, useful for presentations

Windows (WIN32) libraries
Linux 32bit libraries
Linux 64bit libraries

Download UDK (USSD Developer Kit) 1.3